SIT select is a Stroud based arts organisation. They are passionate about supporting the visual arts which they do in exhibitions, workshops, talks, an annual conference and an annual Festival called Select Festival every May as well as an open studio Select Trail where artists open their studio doors to welcome the public in. SIT select is a unique cultural focus for the visual arts and crafts in the area.

The exhibitions at the Malthouse Bar and Kitchen bring exciting large scale works from local and national artists.

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Malthouse Studio Ange 2Malthouse Ange Weave 2018



Opens 23rd October

My paintings take their inspiration from the lakes, forests and skies of a vast Swedish landscape and a very particular Nordic light. This is where they begin like snapshots from a road trip or plotted points on a map.

A solitary hunting Hide beside a forest road, thistly with dry branches, its spikes like a feathered nest. Solemn snowscapes have long shadows and fierce pink skies. Hot lupins, dark pines, dripping lakes and quiet fires. The distant echoes of the groaning, warping and thumping of a lake trapped under ice.

This is a land where the imagination runs away and the uncanny resides, where the real and imagined co-exist.

 I weave threads of paint onto coloured linens and canvases and make exaggerated, luminous, livid landscapes. I invite an escape into a kind of utopia, where you can smell freedom and pine in the air, a place I think I know. Yet these paintings tell darker tales of tension, foreboding and longing, I dress them up in the fabric and costume of colour and light.

In 2008 I was shortlisted for the prestigious Liverpool John Moore’s painting prize and in 2015 shortlisted in the National Open Art Prize where I took part in the finalist’s exhibition at the Royal College of Art, London. In 2011 and in 2015 I was selected to hang in the RWA Autumn Open competitions in Bristol and in 2016 I was selected to have a stand at The Other Art Fair at the Arnolfini in Bristol.

Ange has a studio in Painswick, Gloucestershire.

Studio will be open in the Select Winter Trail 24 and 25 November

Also exhibiting in Malthouse Collective next door 6 – 25 November


July 1st to August 31st

Jo Casling studied Art at Dartington and Sheffield in the late 80s. Her painting has
always been expressive and physical. She enjoys pushing materials to their limit,
creating visceral spaces for the viewer to inhabit. She enjoys the sensual nature of
painting, pouring, scraping, sanding, large canvases until the work pins itself down.
Poetry inspires her, akin to painting it layers meaning, plays with perspective,
redefines ideas of beauty in us and nature.
Jo has a studio in John Street Stroud Town Centre and takes part in the annual
Open Studios.

All work is for sale. Please contact SIT select on for details or

Malthouse Jo Casling 1Jo 2

                                                                                                    Jo Casling Studio



Sunday 29th April

Georgina Bouzyk, the artist who has created the latest exhibition ‘Flora and Fauna’ will be here on Sunday 29 April between 2 and 4 pm

Hear about what inspires her to paint and create.  Cards will be for sale.

We would love you to come.


Opening 24 April

GeorginaB(2) web


Opening at the Malthouse is a solo exhibition of oil paintings exploring the flora and fauna of the countryside surrounding Stroud. Georgina’s paintings explore the fragile yet powerful aspects of nature; Studying the innate shapes and colours that make up the landscape to create a sense of place.

‘’I evoke the essence and spirit of my subject, through expressing the textures, shapes and colours to re-create the feeling of encountering the details I discover upon my walks. The transformation of a rosebud to its bloom, the shifting light across a leaf or the wilted edge of a flower petal are just some of the aspects I discover and interpret through paint. Nature expresses both strength and beauty that is delicate, tender, yet powerful’’

All works are for sale.

Georgina lives and works in Oakridge near Sapperton Stroud.

Part of the Select Festival 2018 presented by SIT select



Opening 10 October ‘Soul Scapes’

Malthouse Paul Watson 2

Paintings on canvas by Pete Hoida

“My work tries to capture the emotional connection between us and the natural world.

 Abstraction negates the limitations of the figurative and thus the techniques I employ are both honest and intuitive means of expression.

I believe abstraction aids the images to resonate with people from all cultures and ethnic groups.

Music is my invisible brush -all my work is executed to a soundtrack, from Mid Century jazz to world music and the classic composers. The polyglot of cultural  rhythms finds expression in each mark and stroke and combine to give form to the whole.

Distilling the world with this overall intent, I seek a universal language. The minimalism and monochromatic palette are deliberate- employed to aid the paintings capture the essential.

My process is a premeditated absorption, followed by a visceral mind to hand process and if the final result does not stand up to my intention then it is discarded. This is how I have always worked and was a discipline that I adhered to from my earliest years as watercolour painter, inspired by the disciplines of that primary mark and first stroke, so admired in classic Chinese and Japanese art and that intuitive capturing of the elemental forces of nature found in the travelling sketchbooks of W M Turner.”

Paul Watson Artist can be found on FaceBook and contains a link to;

9th August – 9th October

Kerry Phippen
‘The Gentle Wild II

Kerry Phippen Malthouse J Peg 2017 FINAL 150 dpi

The idea for  this series of paintings by local artist Kerry Phippen, came from a simple wish to bring the outdoors inside, and an initial vision of how she would love to see images of live-sized animals leaping around the space. Her desire to capture the sense of the animal, their very nature and traits an of course, their beauty.
It is about being quiet and observant
“I am extremely lucky that I live in an area where I regularly see horses, deer, foxes, buzzards and other wild animals. They inspire me and I love to watch them, using drawing and photography in the early stages of ideas building. These have evolved into ink paintings on wonderful handmade Indian rag paper, combining my love for ink and fine papers and gorgeous wild creatures”

Thank you to Pegasus Art for their sponsorship of Indian papers and inks

 All works for sale


We enjoyed a sunny evening for the private view of Andy Lovell’s exhibition ‘Binary Composition’ on 20 June.

Presented by SiTSelect in partnership with the Malthouse Bar & Kitchen