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The Malthouse Bar & Kitchen is a bistro-style restaurant located on the outskirts of Stroud.

Serving fresh, homecooked food with ingredients sourced from local suppliers – our aim of the game is to provide a high quality of comfort-style food within a comfortable setting. Open & loving life since April 2016. Known for our delicious coffee, unique cocktails, decadent menu & famous for our Freakshakes.

Opening times:
Sunday & Mondays 10am - 4pm
Tuesday – Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday - 10am - 5pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm

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The story starts way back in the 15th century. Although our big, red-bricked beauty wasn’t built until 1822, Salmon’s Mill – once located upon the same estate but now sadly demolished (we’ll get to that bit later) – dates all the way back to 1496, when it was first registered under the ownership of William Bliss.

Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the original mill continued to be used as a Fulling mill and by the 18th century, the site is recorded to have contained at least 3 mills as well as a dye house.

By 1837, Salmon Springs Brewery was well established upon the estate and, along with the 19th century came a gent named Nathaniel Samuel Marling. Marling took ownership of the site, after purchasing many other mills beforehand and whilst the Marling family worked many of these, some were leased to others. Most notably, a certain Mr Thomas Godsell who came along in 1855 and took over Salmon’s Mill, as well as the Salmon Springs Brewery. Following Thomas’ death in 1885, his sons took over the business and registered the company as Godsell & Sons ltd.

In 1928, Stroud Brewery Co. took over the site and demolished Salmon’s Mill to build a beer-bottling factory.

The Malthouse’s services were no longer required by 1967 and was subsequently closed by Whitbreads Ltd. who had acquired the Stroud Brewery Co. The beer-bottling factory followed the Malthouse’s demise and was closed shortly after in 1969.
It was then used for 13 years as a sofa retailer until they closed their doors in 2009.

So where does all that leave us now…?

In 2014, the birth of the Antiques Emporium gave our lovely Malthouse the revival it deserved. Skip ahead to Spring 2016 and we will introduce you to Stroud’s finest new restaurant.

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